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Dear Clients and Friends,

I am retired now and no longer taking new clients. The office on Lakeshore Drive is closed and business phones have been disconnected. This website will remain available for a period of time to provide general information you may find useful. However, the content is not intended as advertising or legal advice, and will not necessarily represent the most recent changes in the law or apply to your individual matter.

I am pleased to refer you to experienced elder law attorneys, Stephanie Smith at 913.341.3778, or James Berger at 913.491.6332, for estate planning or other legal services.

Thank you for your business and your friendship,

Ina Kay Zimmerman

Please Note:
This website provides general information only and is not intended to be advertising, solicitation or legal advice. Despite our attempts to keep information current, the contents may not reflect the most recent legal changes. Elder law is very complex, and general statements on this website may not apply to your individual matter.

Some of the materials on this website contain links to other sources on the Internet. Such links are not intended as referrals or endorsements by Ina Kay Zimmerman or the Zimmerman Law Office.